Best Home Improvements To Increase Property Value in Scottsdale

Best Home Improvements To Increase Property Value in Scottsdale
Scottsdale offers a lifestyle that is as captivating as its surrounding desert scenery. The word is out on how remarkable this place is, and that's reflected in its home prices. Scottsdale, AZ, real estate prices are once again rising. This is a market that understands the nuances of great home upgrades. Read on to discover the best home improvements to increase the value of your Scottsdale home.

Exterior upgrades

First impressions matter, and your home's curb appeal can make a potential buyer fall in love at first sight. What buyers see when they drive up to your home will set the tone for the rest of their tour, so you'll want that tone to be positive. The better your home's curb appeal, the more it will appeal to potential buyers, even in a crowded Scottsdale real estate market.

One of the best things you can do to increase your home's curb appeal is to invest in thoughtfully designed landscaping for your front yard. Native plants and desert-friendly landscaping look amazing, conserve water, and require minimal maintenance. They also blend seamlessly into Scottsdale's incredible natural scenery. Talk to a landscaper about incorporating indigenous flora like succulents and cacti.

Next, take your exterior to the next level with good outdoor lighting. Subtle path lighting can help guide visitors to your front door while creating an elegant ambiance. You can also use outdoor lighting to highlight your home's unique architectural details or create cozy outdoor living spaces to enjoy a sunset chat or a quiet night pondering the stars.

Finally, be sure to give the exterior surfaces of your home a little extra love. The desert sun can be harsh on the exterior of your home, causing the surfaces to crack and fade. Invest in fresh paint or resurface your stucco as needed. These repairs and improvements not only go a long way toward improving the look of your home, but they also signal to potential buyers that your home has been well-cared for and loved.

Primary bathroom retreats

Luxurious bathrooms are synonymous with upscale living. Buyers seek bathrooms that feel like private sanctuaries and high-end spa retreats. They want to see a space that promises relaxation and indulgence so they can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy some calm, peaceful moments without leaving home.

These luxury bathrooms can also significantly influence a home's value. Homeowners can expect to boost their home's value by about 50% of the renovation costs. This means that if you plan on spending around $10,000 on your renovation, you can expect to increase the value of your home by about $5,000. You can boost those numbers by making smart renovation choices, like including key features and using high-end materials.

Luxury spa appeal is most important in the primary bathroom, so this should take center stage in your renovation efforts. Include modern walk-in showers, oversized soaking tubs, and intricate tiling to create a sanctuary within the home. Pay attention to the materials you choose, too, and opt for high-quality ones like granite, quarter, and marble. Natural stones exude beauty and will stand the test of time for lasting appeal. Choose neutral tones for a spa-like atmosphere, allowing future owners to inject their style into the space.

Outdoor living spaces

While outdoor living spaces might be a luxury in other areas, they are now a standard part of any Scottsdale home. However, outdoor living spaces in Scottsdale have transcended their utilitarian origins and are now luxurious extensions of indoor living spaces. Outdoor retreats are used for entertaining, relaxing, and soaking up those desert sunsets.

For many Scottsdale homes, outdoor living spaces start with a custom pool and spa, especially welcome in the arid Arizona climate. Work with a pool designer to incorporate eye-catching elements like waterfalls or foundations to make your pool functional and part of your outdoor aesthetic. Incorporating a hot tub can make the space even more enticing and give homeowners a place to rejuvenate after a long day.

Extend the living space beyond the pool by creating covered patios with outdoor kitchen areas. These spaces shelter you from the desert sun while you gather with friends and family. Outfit the kitchen with top-tier grills, wine fridges, and plenty of food prep space. It's the perfect way to transition from indoor to outdoor entertainment.

Be sure to outfit these spaces with plenty of seating, plush cushions, and decorative elements that add to the charm. Firepits and fireplaces can be cozy focal points. Consider integrating tech like televisions and sound systems to make hosting sporting events or family movie nights even more fun. 

Need a few more ideas?

If you want more ways to enhance your Scottsdale home, consider:
  • Investing in high-end appliances in your kitchen. Premium stainless steel appliances are more appealing to potential buyers, and many of these appliances come with warranties that can be passed on to the next owner.
  • Integrating smart home features. Smart thermostats, lighting, security, and entertainment features are great additions to a luxury home that is easily transferrable to the next owner to customize.
  • Making the home more energy efficient. Look for clean energy solutions, such as solar power, to power your home and reduce monthly expenses. You can also look at improvements that lower your energy consumption, such as more energy-efficient windows and doors. 

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